Functional Mushroom Tinctures

Embark On A Holistic Journey Of Well Being

Flavorful & Fast Acting
Formulated For Specific Needs
Local, Sustainable, & Organic
Made With Love & Care
Female & Family Owned

Flavorful & Fast Acting

Formulated For Specific Needs

Local, Sustainable & Organic

Made with love & care

Tapping Into Greater Well Being

What Sets Our Products Apart

In a world overflowing with wellness options, Believe Apothecary emerges as a symbol of real quality and efficacy. Our mushroom and herbal tinctures are made for those who seek unmatched purity and excellence in their health supplements. Crafted from mushroom fruiting bodies and using a precise triple extraction process, our tinctures guarantee superior potency and immediate effects. The spagyric extraction process we employ amplifies the bioavailability, ensuring quick and efficient delivery to the brain.

Our unique blends, featuring ingredients sourced from the untouched landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and Colorado’s high mountains, echo natural splendor, ensuring delightful flavors and enhanced health benefits. The blend of mushrooms and premium herbs unveils synergistic benefits, enriching your wellness journey. Choose Believe Apothecary’s unparalleled herbal infused mushroom tinctures and bask in the luxury of genuine health.

Exceptional Potency

Utilizing fruiting bodies and a triple extraction process, we provide you with the purest form of the most potent part of the plant.

Swift and Efficient

Our spagyric extraction maintains the plant's natural minerals providing high bioavailability and rapid absorption.

Pristine Sourcing

Ingredients sourced from local forests, ancient old-growth woodlands, and high-alpine farms, embodying unmatched purity and authenticity.

Holistic Wellness

Immerse in synergistic, adaptogenic, and entirely plant-based health elixirs, lovingly formulated by seasoned herbalists.

Nature's Symphony

Discover Believe Apothecary

Born from childhood adventures in Aspen’s serene wilderness, Believe Apothecary is a family female-owned beacon of holistic health. Melding ancient wisdom with modern understanding, we handcraft premium tinctures prioritizing physical, mental, and energetic health. Rooted in sustainability, our ethically sourced products echo nature’s harmony. We’re not merely a brand but a movement championing conscious, healthful living. Dive deeper into our story

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