Alchemy Meets Innovation

The Spagyric Process

At Believe Apothecary, we’ve integrated an age-old alchemical process into our extraction method: Spagyric Extraction. But what does this mean, and why is it integral to our products?

The Essence of Spagyric Extraction

Derived from the Greek words “spao” (to draw out) and “ageiro” (to combine), Spagyric Extraction is more than just an extraction method; it’s a transformative process that captures the full essence of a plant. Unlike conventional methods, spagyric extraction not only draws out the active compounds of an herb but also recombines its purified mineral content, ensuring a holistic representation of the plant in its final form.

Nature's Alchemy Perfected

The Spagyric Process

At the heart of Believe Apothecary’s unique approach is the spagyric process, a method steeped in ancient alchemy and modern innovation. This intricate technique is more than just a means to extract plant essences; it is a way of honoring and amplifying the natural power of botanicals.

1 - Separation

The process begins with the separation of the plant into its three key components – the spirit (alcohol), the soul (essential oils), and the body (mineral salts). This step involves gently breaking down the plant material, usually through fermentation or distillation, to extract its alcohol-soluble and water-soluble compounds.

2 - Purification

Each component is then purified to remove any impurities. The spirit and soul undergo a process of distillation and extraction to isolate their purest essence. This step is crucial, as it ensures that only the most potent and beneficial aspects of the plant are used.

3 - Recombination

In the final and most unique step, the purified components are carefully recombined. The mineral salts, often overlooked in other extraction methods, are reintroduced to the mixture. This recombination creates a holistic extract that embodies the complete spectrum of the plant’s properties.

Why Spagyric Extraction Makes
Our Products Unique


A Promise Of
Quality & Integrity

In adopting the spagyric process, Believe Apothecary promises a product that not only harnesses the intrinsic power of nature but also respects its intricate complexity. Our tinctures are a testament to our dedication to quality, integrity, and the unbroken connection between ancient tradition and modern innovation.